Fields of Expertise

Video Surveillance

"Do you know where your mate is?" We will find out for you!

Video surveillance of where he or she is going. If you have doubts, find out the truth. We will find out who he or she is seeing, where and when. Surveillances are conducted with one to four investigators, each utilizing their own vehicles and two way communications. Most surveillances can be conducted with one investigator and one vehicle depending upon the complexity of the case. We use high quality night vision video cameras.

"For peace of mind, you need to know the truth" and a video tape does not lie!!

Child Custody and Divorce Matters

DO YOU WANT TO OBTAIN CUSTODY? Are you dealing with an un-cooperative ex-spouse ? We can help ! Often in child custody and divorce matters the one who wins is the one that has hired a private investigator to " get the evidence ".

Don't be caught short. The information you compile today could mean the difference in how your case turns out. Once the opportunity is gone, it is gone forever.

Background and Employee Investigation

Complete background investigations, including criminal and civil information. Judgments, lawsuits, where they live, work, and much much more.

Employee screening. Is the person you are hiring who they say they are ? Have they ever been convicted of a crime ? Are they a thief ? What does their driving record look like ? Do they have the educational background that they claim ?

"Let us find out for you."

Where Is The Money? You Need To Find It!

So you are splitting up!

Where is the money?

Are there hidden bank accounts, locally or off shore. Do they own real estate that you do not know about ? Are they claiming they have no job and no income? WHEN SEARCHING FOR BANK ACCOUNTS WE COMPLY WITH ALL STATE AND FEDERAL REGULATIONS WHEN SEARCHING AND OBTAINING THIS INFORMATION. We will find out for you.....lets surprise them in court with the truth!

Social Media Surveillance

Social Media has grown to become a very important part of our everyday lives, and it can be a very useful source of information. Click above to read more.

Missing Persons Investigation

A person can go missing for a variety of reasons, and location them can be a difficult task. Click above to read more.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud can come in a variety of forms, including insurance fraud and workers' compensation scams. Click above to read more.

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We accept all major credit cards

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