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In the course of an investigation, M.C.M. Investigations may use and rely upon information obtained from a variety of sources, including judicial and other public records, the Internet, prior employers and private investigators, to name a few. Although M.C.M. Investigations endeavors to utilize sources of information known for reliability and timeliness, we cannot, and do not, warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any information used in compiling reports, nor the accuracy of any report based, in whole or in part, on such information. Further, by contracting for any of our services, you expressly acknowledge (a) that M.C.M. Investigations does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information used in the preparation of its reports, and (b) that you waive and release M.C.M. Investigations from and in respect of any and all claims, demands, and causes of action, of whatsoever kind or nature, based on the accuracy or inaccuracy of any information obtained by M.C.M. Investigations from any third party or source and any recommendation made by M.C.M. Investigations with reference thereto. You should further understand that Federal and state laws and regulations require that anyone requesting a background report regarding a third party must have a permissible and legitimate reason for doing so. By contracting for any service which may require M.C.M. Investigations to obtain information regarding any third party, you warrant and represent to M.C.M. Investigations that you have a legitimate and permissible purpose in requesting us to obtain such information on your behalf.

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We accept all major credit cards

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